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February Meeting

January 31st, 2015

These pieces were played at the February 15 meeting in Warren:

David Starbuck

  • Prelude, Allemande, & Saraband from the Suite in F Major S.L. Weiss

Malcolm Hazel

  • Elegio de la Danza Leo Brouwer
  • Danza Caracteristica “”
  • Fingals Höhle J.K. Mertz

Ryan McCormack

  • Ave Maria F. Shubert

Yuchen Liu

  • Bouree from E Minor Lute Suite J.S. Bach
  • Study No. 4 F. Sor
  • Study No. 6 “”

Jeff Griesemer

  • Lagrina F. Sor
  • Here, There and Everywhere Lennon/McCartney
  • So Danco Samba

Robert Ey

  • Canon in D J. Pachelbel
  • Give Me Your Hand Rory Dall O’Cathain

Irene Ey (soprano) & Robert Ey

  • Spanish is the Loving Tongue Trad., arr. by R. Dyer-Bennet