April Meeting

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These pieces were played at the April 21 meeting in Warren:

David Starbuck

  • Allemande, Sarabande & Bouree from Suite S-17 in C major – S.L. Weiss
  • Prelude, Allemande, Minuet & Gigue from Suite in C major – J.G. Conradi
  • Suite in C (Prelude, Allemande, Minuet and Gigue)  – J.G. Conradi

Ming Chao

  • Two Bagatelles: Lento & Alla Cubana – William Walton

Tito Cotos

  • A Guitar Journey (sometimes a different one) – Tito Cotos

Gary Lee

  • Kinkachoo, I Love You by Phillip Houghton
  • Etude No. 8 by Giulio Regondi

Jeff Griesemer

  • Theme from a Summer Place
  • Untitled – Jeff Griesemer

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